Summer Sol

this is a disclaimer…Folk who kno me, kno I’m always runnin’ late, always a lil behind, get hit with the most brilliant creative energy or idea a few hours before a deadline….I am always a lil out of time.

My intention had been to use the energy of the solstice to infuse my mix with all the feels I have about summer, however, this has been like most weeks, busy. Monday, Rhythm Science held down workshops at the Louisville Urban League, teaching youth to deejay, followed by our regular Monday workshops at our offices in Smoketown. Wednesday, I had the honor of deejaying an event celebrating the 200th episode of some of my favorite media producers. And in all the spaces in between I’ve been raging and grieving, rippin’ & runnin’, steady hustlin’ like we always do. But today, I was able to dedicate the necessary space/time to sit with the sounds, vibes and flows that are indistinguishably linked to summer for me.

Summer in the south gives me so many feels. Its vibrant, youthful and innocent. Its growin gardens, sprinklers & drinkin’ from water hoses. Summer dresses, popsicles & mangonadas.  Fans to keep cool and watchin’ basketball tournaments in the park. Its chillin’ and grillin’, joy and laughter thats a lil too loud. Its the heat that radiates from the street, the oppression that makes it hard to sleep, & feet that stay breakin’ the concrete. Long days and late nights, sometimes in unfamiliar places. LLCEC and lak’ech lessons. Its trauma, holdin’ space & each other. Its the stickiness & sweat reminding you the politics of the twerk are decolonial body work, its humidity contours your spine as you dutty & wine. Its pineapple blunts, the end of house parties, and RiRi’s sex with me…..on repeat

The new moon in Cancer influenced the end of the mix, I’m workin’ on cultivating a healthy I-don’t-give-a-fuck vibe, its a refusal of all the bs I experience on the daily. I no longer have patience or energy for fuckbois, and by this, I don’t mean energy for specific ppl (although sometimes this is true). For me the fuckboi/fuccboii represents all the vileness of our social conditions, the white settler cishet capitalist patriarchy…..toxic masculinity that uses violence, manipulation and coercion to vamp off femme energy……summer got me sayin, ‘the rent is too damn high, and you best pay what you owe”

in reflecting back on my mix, I should have ridden the transition between the spottieottiedopaliscious remix and thunder thighs a bit longer…..

in love & rage,





a few tracks that didn’t make the mix, but def have that summertime vibe:



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