New Moon::: Who Dis::: Sonic Communique


As part of my new moon ritual I put together this mix. The elements I build off of for this sonic curation focus on the very raw and real emotions that Venus squarin’ w/ Pluto on 5.25.17 brought up for me, & how these energies interacted with the new moon in Gemini.

This week has given me the space to think about how I deal with pain & emotions, and how to channel them into productivity and creative expressions instead of allowin’ them to stifle my ability to communicate. As a Libra/Leo Rising this week has asked me to reflect on my relationships & partnership, understanding the limits, boundaries and contexts for each of these partnerships and is pushing me to have the courage & commitment to ask for what I need. Because of some transitions coming into my life in the near future, I am focusin’ on building up the emotional/mental & physical stamina I’m going to need in order to achieve some of the goals I’m setting up for myself for the next 6 months of so.

This mix mostly of R & B, Neo/Soul, jazzy beats & Hip Hop runs through three major themes, new moon feels, sticky sweet summer vibes and for you. Mixes I produce for online release, serve as a very specific type of sonic intimacy for me, they are me as a selector/mixer/curator speaking directly to the listener, and depending on our relationship either personal or our common relationship with the music are existing in spaces unseen and unmapped, if only in the shared imaginary. I  wonder when ppl engage with my mixes what they are thinking about, doing, going thru….. I hope for the most part, it involves creative process, a blunt, dancing and fucking tbh…..

Reflecting on the production of this mix, has also forced me to focus on really listenin’, as a deejay, this might seem second nature, but honestly my gig schedule/work schedule/ and the labor I put into so many projects for community, has greatly decreased my capacity in the last few months to search out & listen to music until the rhythm becomes imprinted in my brain and transitions become second nature. So some of the spaces where songs are woven together are a lil less tight than I want, but I was committed to sharing a mix this week. Thank you for taking the time to listen…..




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