love&rage; a love letter to la causa

sending out a love communiqué, 2014 was a space of immense love and rage. they are the rhythms of my flows. we are always in the space of endings and beginnings, it is more readily accessible in the collective consciousness in this moment, clearly marked by the cycle of the year shifting,  the vibrations in my networks have been reflective, intentional, self-loving, and comm(unity) supporting. i have been present and participated in comm(unity) and individual acts of shared vulnerability. we are creating and reconnecting to rituals, we are reclaiming our relationships and practicing accountability with love. the last 24 hours i have been mindful of a deep appreciation for human interactions, those points of critical recognition, when we pause and sit with one another.

i have been surround by people who support me in my creative expressions, who push me to embrace my boldness, my untamedness, my desire to have no filter (#2015, @neirenelafemme) . i want to give less fucks in the coming years, to embrace self-determination, and to be able to talk about my social conditions of existence without fear. 

the last day has been a space of laughing and letting go of shit that is no longer serving us. we cleaned and cleansed, burned sage, and sat in silence. Vincent’s words still echoing in my ears, “i wanna see people, not issues.” he articulated the bullshit violences that take place within “the movement”, those lines that divide, the fact that we allow they system to continue to dehumanize us even in spaces that is supposed to be safe. i am grateful that people pushed me to be still and embrace laughter, that meals shared with meaning are the only sustenance i need, and the knowledge that sometimes words inhibit our ability to interface. so instead i offer to you my sonic expression of love and rage

today we ended our intention setting with a libation ritual and by speaking the names of those we wanted to honor. many of the names we spoke out loud we the names of those who had passed, those whose lives have connected us to the moment we were in, those familial and ancestral connections that have guided our feet. i wanted to offer up my own speaking of names, this is a love letter to you, asante.

A love letter to la causa
i want to be your accomplice, not your ally
i want your complicities to encircle me
creating no distance between we
i will let the front line split my flesh, break my bones
before  it has the distance to divide
i got your back, you got mine
words wet with saliva, promises sealed in sweat
mi barrio es tu barrio

babies held on backs, hungry bellies full
We buildin’ our own
laughing to push away the anguish,
the shared trauma of colonial encounters
Warmth love joy, kissing your brow
heads resting on chests
listening for the echo of our collective rhythm

Shaking off the exhaustion like dust
Ain’t nobody got time for ‘at
We keep it movin’ is our constant mantra
Its movement,  like feet stompin’ concrete,
digital flows and sonic resonance
its getting in, where you fit in
its my responsibility,
to say fuck they respectability

James told me, we can’t afford despair
but rage, we rich in that
i’m brown and proud
i step back when you step up
hands never outta reach
i am all the way down, fam
communiqués that transgress borders,
distance and space are illusions

hdmi cables, warm cars,
car key-opened wine bottle laughter
emojis breakin’ down that isolation
the need for an abundance of
hugs, warm teas, and vulnerability
finding home where our vibrations resonate
fallin in love with people, we ain’t even met yet.
i dream of revolution, and wake to see your face.


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