reflection on the labor and economic development committee hijinks, aka some kind of fuckery

Listening to Bambu Party Worker….cop this.


Last week i witnesses some kind of fuckery. i don’t usually occupy spaces  like city council meetings (or labor and economic development committee meetings). i have no time or use for they shit, but my movements lead me there last week. again, it was a beautiful blend of spectacle and fuckery. the people were admonished for making noise that disturb councilpersons trying to speak, because they voices carry more authority than people. you can find a full agenda of what went down here. an overview of these politricks, anything that benefited large businesses, i.e. Churchill Downs, Heaven Hill, the University of Louisville, that shit was recommended for approval in roughly 20 minutes of  about an hour and a half meeting. then the most annoying fuckery began, but its all fuckery, the people aren’t stupid we see your fuckery. lovin’ business and hatin’ the people. a majority of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of raising the minimum wage of the city.

let me be clear, i don’t think a minimum wage increase over three years does shit, it follows the cost of living and keep the people starving, we deserve more than that. however, the rhetoric deployed by some of these council folks was violent, ignorant and they asses need to be held accountable. Marilyn Parker used some tired-ass words about “unskilled labor” and how this increase would primarily effect “young workers”….I wanna talk a little bit about these notions. the idea that any work is unskilled is fucking ludicrous. Calling labor “unskilled” is a way of devaluing and dehumanizing people, its saying that some people’s time and labor deserve more dignity that those “others”. Marilyn Parker as a councilperson, maintains a part-time job (city council is considered part-time, at $44,000 a year. Oh and theres little to no accountability if these fuckers don’t show up for they jo. if i missed shifts at my part-time job, how long i could hope to maintain that employment?) so let’s go back to this idea of “unskilled” i wonder if Parker could work an 8 hour shift waiting tables, working at a gas station, a corner store, or slinging french fries with the dexterity of workers who do it everyday, if she could handle the on the job stress these forms of employment incur. i’m not even asking this b to deal with the stress of trying to live on $7.25 an hour for her labor and time, i’m wondering if she could even handle a shift. i think its pretty doubtful. saying that only young people will be effected by this increase is just continuing to perpetuate misinformation, people working for minimum wage are a multigenerational group, but that is besides the point. why should young people working deserve less?

another person we need to address is Ken Fleming. he is a special kind of white male fuckery he literally said he didn’t care if he upset the people in the room. he has never had to be uncomfortable in his privilege, he wants to continue to benefit from domination he helps to maintain. he used a little known rule to ensure that the vote on the ordinance moving out committee was tabled. he is literally trying to run the clock out on some other council folk whose terms are up in january. he does this while deploying the language of innocence. he makes doe eyes at the cameras as he says he is concerned about having full knowledge about the impact….this impact is about business, not about how more money for their time and labor could impact people’s lives and livelihoods. he is someone i have no time for.

Councilperson Attica Scott gave powerful words in support of the ordinance during the meeting, she gave amazing side-eye as they political chess game took place, and she met with people afterwards. a few other councilpersons expressed support. but what does support real amount to when they system has essentially created politrickal stalemate? where do we go from here? if we don’t get it… #shutitdown



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