Mixdown Monday

Resistance training: Warm Up: Inner City Breathing-Yasiin Gaye-Amerigo Gazaway Run: Arise as One-The Context-Joshua/#BLACK&BROWNHISTORY-Places Unfinished at Creation-Cambio/Natural Resources-Cognative Dissonance-Raz Simone/We will Rise-Soundtrack to the Struggle-Lowkey/Troups and Coups-The Context-Joshua/Libertad-Street Souls/Keep it Movin’-Lado B de Patologías del Invisible Incómodo-Bocafloja ft. Native Sun/I who have nothing-Food, Clothing,& Shelter-Marc7/We the Movement-Radical Dilemma-Rebel Diaz

My blog has been fairly quiet since i published my dissertation. i have spent less time in front of screens and more time in comm(unity). we started teaching our Mixdown Monday classes, giving youth in our comm(unity) the opportunity to learn deejay skills and engage through an “each one teach one” model. over shared meals we continue to develop a vocabulary for experiences. we film interviews, dance, screen films, learn from each other and grow together. to begin this new project, unattached to institutions, non-profit status, and all the bullshit that comes along with it, is both exhilarating and leaves me feeling a bit unbalanced. re-learning and unlearning are processes that have been central to my movements over the last few years. understanding that this new project’s success or failure is completely dependent on our own hustles and our abilities to keep momentum going and be accountable to our comm(unity) it what pushes me to keep it movin’. we’ve gone to another city to teach our project, and are strategizing how to make it a regular thing in Lexington. there is much dreaming and reimagining of possibilities.

the photos below offer a snapshot into the work we are doing. if you would like to get involved with the project, by teaching, learning or sharing space, hit me up. i would love to chat about what is possible.

IMG_1363 IMG_1432 IMG_2330 IMG_1566IMG_1573


-all the love



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