Real talk, the experiential knowledge of networks

Real talk, i am deeply humbled and grateful. i never imagined that anything i would produce would be seen by and engaged with by so many people. The experiential knowledge of networked power in the last 32 hours, has been a space of healing and some of my highest joy. people have made me feel seen, heard and recognized. when i didn’t have words people heard me through my sonic curation, my poetics resonated. I am grateful for all my teachers (including you). i am grateful that my network has people in it who are willing to edit my typos, and make me feel like we are sitting in the same room even though we are miles away. i had a huge geek moment yesterday where i was genuinely overcome by joy when a scholar and producer reach out to me, if you don’t already know Culturite, peep his stuff and get ya mind right!

i began this project and process over a year ago. i left my comm(unity) with the tools of my Network tucked into the folds and pockets of my person. The recognition that everyone was creative, resourceful, and whole, that you open a space with asking folks “whats new & whats good?”, and an empathic understanding in the power of networks to create beautiful alternatives (i.e. counter hegemony). i held Audre’s words close to my heart, “unless one lives and loves in the trenches, it is difficult to remember that the war against dehumanization is ceaseless”. this was the war that i felt on my flesh, that sank into my very being. i rationalized that studying migration in the heart of empire, was about as full on as I could get. these mixes are my small effort to contribute to this battle in the only way that helps to order my world. they are critique grounded in love, they reclaiming sites of knowledge, and they are coming to terms with being.

My full project can be found here and gives more contextual information about these creations. It is an ongoing space for growth and digital archiving. y’all have no idea the amount of vexing that took place in the last few hours before this was published, there are many spaces, places, counter hegemonic cultural productions and producers that i need to create pages for, embed audio into, ect. but i am going to take a few days away from screens to reconnect with myself and the beauty that surround me before I get back into it.

much respect and All the love fam!



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