Global Flows: hip hop poetics of transmigration and transcreation as counter hegemonic cultural production

Global Flows has been a process of coming to terms with who i am, of finding the courage to be vulnerable, and reclaiming space. i knew that hip hop would be central to my ordering of the world within academia, i knew that without the lessons gained in my comm(unity) that i would not survive the isolation and (dis)placement experienced in the institution. this project has pushed me to learn new creative production skills so that my voice and words might travel further than my physical form could ever hope to reach. If you choose to share and engage with this project, i want to deeply thank you. i genuinely do not have words to express the love and gratitude i have for the beautiful people in this world, some of whom privilege me with interaction. this project can be shared, commented on and offer up critique that can help to transform.

all the love fam,


hip hop knowledgeClick on the link below to access my digital archiving project

Table of Content.


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