Lessons that Surround

Audre told me, “we were not meant to survive”
rose, preach that social gospel of transformational love in critique
Pam spoke of Lucida,
breathing the feminine into being;
the brightest star in a constellation.
The ability to realize we are the dream state.
Paulo told me that to speak true words
is to transform worlds.
B challenged me, “what u to politically correct?”
he decolonized my mind a 140 characters at a time.
my ephemeral family,
whose hugs, laughter and tears
were the bread that fed my soul.
(dis)placed and dispossessed bodies,
who held space and held me.
my bredrin Joshua (trans)communicates
visual poetry through grace,
(trans)mitted across time and space.
the connections forged as we grind towards a common goal
Yared created a refuge,
Warsan warned me, “you can’t make homes out of human beings”,
but he comes close.
for those whose names and faces are opaquely washed,
in the academic violence of anonymity.
your names exist on my lengua,
your lessons surround me.

2 thoughts on “Lessons that Surround

  1. Woah. I read this aloud to myself and then fell silently into its depth. It’s a wonderfully beautiful thing, your mind and your words and your heart! Keep learning and keep teaching, but that goes without saying 🙂

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