Metaphysical decolonizing lovers rock, an interview with CPHR DVN.

My familia CPHR DVN has been making music since the early 2000’s, they are in their own words, “Hip-Hop alchemists, lyrical metaphysicists, and quantum dancers”, and aside from talented artists, they are hella good people. Sltr and Wize are educators in the realest sense, using their experiential knowledge and their existence in the world as an example to others, that a different way of living is not only possible, but here in the now, all we have to do is manifest it.

I had the opportunity to interview them about their newest video release #BYE and their upcoming e.p. #Bliss. Check out the wizedom they are droppin and make sure to peep their video and download the track, because at the end of the day, “This time you gotta learn to let go (let it go)…I have no words to comfort you.” #BYE.

1) You are releasing you newest EP #Bliss in a few weeks, what made you choose #BYE as the first video?

CPHR DVN: The idea of saying #bye and letting go of the past is the first step many of us have to take in order to find our #Bliss. We decided that #Bye would be the perfect segue leading into the EP.

2) This is some of the most exciting hip hop I’ve heard in a long time, what excites you most about this artist process?

CPHR DVN: Sharing our bliss with the rest of the world is truly our highest joy and greatest excitement. We cannot wait to perform these songs live and interact with all the beautiful people finding and experiencing their bliss. The whole process creating this project has been wonderful, but seeing it all unfold in its final stages has been truly inspiring.


3) I tend to describe your vibe as metaphysical decolonizing lovers rock, how do you see yourselves as fitting into hip hops history, and how does your music influence the future?

CPHR DVN: Historically hip hop has always been about giving a voice to the disenfranchised and marginalized. So definitely attempt to carry on this tradition. We have spent a good portion of our lives feeling marginalized, so we attempt to make music that empowers through love and acceptance. Our music is influencing the future by giving an equal platform to all beings to express themselves through hip hop music and culture. CPHR DVN’s goal is to continue to push the boundaries of human potential, both sonically and spiritually. First within ourselves so that we may become examples to inspire others to reach their highest potential. Humanity is on the cusp of a great awakening and CPHR DVN plans to help facilitate this awakening within the hip hop community and beyond

4) anything else you want to share?

CPHR DVN: #BYE will be available on 8/12/14. The EP will be released on the fall equinox September 23, 2014. Visit for more from CPHR DVN.



The video and still above were part of a collaboration between CPHR DVN and Anything is Possible Media. The video was filmed in Brooklyn, but definitely captures that ethereal, other-worldliness that this crew brings to all aspects of life. The song is available for digital download here, better make sure you cop it!



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