coming to terms with who i am

Linda Tuhiwai Smith in her book “Decolonizing Methodologies” quotes Kathy Irwin, who argues that the power of developing theory is it allows us to come to terms with “who we are”. this is how i have approached my graduate level research, it has been a process of understanding and developing words to speak about my experience within systems of domination and oppression. i am six weeks  (más o menos) from submitting my dissertation to the academy, and i want to make sure i am accountable to processes of transparency and critique with people who might choose to engage with my work outside of the academy.

my writing and resistance research will be available online, i intend to publish my multimedia project on my social media, blog, etc before it is submitted to the formal institution that will be judging it. my project is about decolonizing ways of knowing and being, and presenting media and observations which have influenced my understanding of this process. it is grounded in emancipatory values and liberatory pedagogies. in an effort to be transparent and accountable, i want to share my research proposal which was submitted to, and approved by the academy in June. i cringe a little in thinking people will read it, in the concession sometimes made in order to be able to make it through the hoops of institutional approval do not sit well with me, my words were sometimes distorted to fit. 

if anyone has questions, thoughts, transformational love in critique to push me to do better, think differently or be more accountable, please share.

love and respect,


resistance research proposal



2 thoughts on “coming to terms with who i am

  1. Sarah, Thank your for putting it out there! I’m eating it up. Very exciting stuff, and beautifully (for academese) written!!
    (I can’t help myself from correcting typos, though. Too many years of editing… I’ll send you the ‘tracked’ version by email when i’m finished in case you want it…) ~andrew

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