New Moon in Sagittarius/// Winter Solstice reflections


There are many reflections and illuminations that the last new moon of the year, along with the beginning of Capricorn season & winter solstice are providin’, but before I jump into those & talk about my final moon mix for the year. I want to share with y’all the mantra I’ve been repeating for the last few days, and which depending on my level of seasonal depression is a mantra for this time of year in general. In the northern hemisphere as we approach the day with the least amount of light, I continually repeat, “you made it”

This assertion may seem basic as fuck for some of y’all, but I feel the weight of these words, because if I’m honest, deeply honest, I am not always sure that I will actually “make it“. The diminishing of light has a heavy effect on how I’m able to deal with the stress that comes from my social conditions, as the light falls back so do I. The isolation, both self-imposed and social that happens this time of year hits me so. damn. hard. Fam, sometimes I’m not sure if I will have the mental strength to hold on. Yet, here we are, a day before the darkest night, and I am still here. I have no illusion about why this is the case, I am very privileged to be surrounded by folk who refuse to let me succumb to the lows, who have not only been lending me some of their spark to maintain my own fire, but who remind me that I am more than my trauma & that I have value outside of my productivity. (S/o to Modi, Mr. MadMoonVybe, the twinlove, my booski Chaz, La Tigra, Rosella, Ariela, Austen & the BLM Fam *not an exhaustive list but some folks i needed to acknowledge). I think one of the biggest lies white supremacist cishet capitalist patriarchy forced us to swallow, that we live in isolation. Connections are what sustain us & they got us starvin’ fam, so if you don’t hear it anywhere else, I’m glad you made it ❤

Sunday’s new moon in Sagittarius has given me the space to think about my dreams for the next year & to create some ritual around manifestin’ and conjurin’  these dreams. It’s asked me to reflect back on loops that started about 8 months ago, to think about what might still serve my purpose and what I should work to release. Its confronted me with the idea that even my wildest dreams might be too limiting & I that I deserve the space to rest/recharge and unapologetically cultivate my joy.

I oscillate fairly regularly between reading two different astrologers, Chani Nicholas and Naimonu James both provide illumination and powerful questions about what is next. Chani’s read for my Libra Sun/Leo ascending/Leo moon, pushes me be accountable to giving myself priority in my life, and it charges me to recognize the growth that I’m accomplished in the last 3/3.5 years. Her words emphasized what the universe has been tellin’ me for the last few months, loudly, the more I commit to the path of a self-determined hustle, the more I need to understand just how valuable my time, energies & creativity are, in its not grounded in reciprocity, its not allowed to join me in 2018.

Naimonu’s posts serve as a deeply grounding space for me, and the New Moon read, identified in not so subtle language, that I am indeed living, moving and werkin’ in my purpose. She refers to several points in the past year we should consult during the new moon in Sag. One of which is the new moon in Gemini, which is where I started this project of mixin’ with the moon 8 months ago. In addition to this, she links to several posts from her archive, the full moon in Sag, the last mercury rt. etc, and since I’m always lookin’ for signs or confirmation from the universe, I decided to peep the archive while taking a break from puttin together my mix. The first enter provided lucidity and confirmation about trusting my sonic curation. Naimonu uses beautifully constructed collages that accompany each of her write ups, during the last Mercury RT, the collage that accompanied her writing was of Mae Jemison. Seeing Mae’s self-assured smile seemed fateful since I was mixing Sammus’ track which celebrates and signifies her.

Outside of Naimonu’s suggestions to reflect, she reminds me gentle as a Libra, I must “nourish your heart for it knows your path to freedom. no matter how confined you may be or the limits in your life, trust that you can cultivate freedom of the mind. what that looks like, i cannot say, but you deserve a mind spacious and easeful. you deserve a friendship with yourself that is unshakable.” And as a Leo Moon/rising “may you have the wisdom to nourish all of your selves, dear leo. may you be so devoted to all of you being free, the universe rearranges itself to suit you (as it should).

I want to spend a few minutes talking about the last 8 months, and the magic I feel when I align with the moon to form sonic creations. In May, during the New Moon in Gemini, I practiced some spellwerk around what I desired to achieve as an artist and cultural producer. The marooned alien princess visual, was made as part of this werk. She was created and then given in part, to fire, in the hopes of sealing the energy and momentum I am cultivating in my creative and professional life. The loop of new moon mixes, inspired some full moon variations, as well as a few seasonal shifts, does scorpio season just fuck up anybody else’s well being every year? Which is cray cuz I love and fux wit scorpios hard, their season just destroys me tho. Anyway, there have been some other loops that started during that time, which after 8 months of focus, have made me realize need to be closed. I’m focusing my energy on what is inside of my control instead of those people, situations and experiences which are outside of it.

As part of honoring the solstice, I’m doing a lot of cleansing. My spaces are being reorganized and oriented towards my productivity, I’m learning to work smarter instead of harder, I’m removing clutter and letting go of what doesn’t serve me. I will be making a fire offering tomorrow and in it a list of what is not invited to join me in 2018

My new moon in Sagittarius mix is driven by the theme of dreams, I have curated sounds that are ethereal, cosmic & focus on radical imaginings.

Tracklist ❤

Audio Geometry – The Real You ft Alan Watts
yared sound – with me(Yared Sound version)
Mother Nature – Mother Nature
Jamila Woods- Stellar (prod. by Jus Love)
Full Crate & Mar feat. Eric Roberson- She Was Fly
COSMIC BEATS – Cloud 9 W Hollow
Dominique Fils-Aimé – Walking On The Moon – (A Capella Cover)
Nandele- Emidio Macia feat. Embri0n
Sinkane- How We Be
A Tribe Called Quest- Solid Wall of Sound
ADIAM – Desert Island (Short Version)
Moonchild – Be Free (DJ Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser Remix)
sammusmusic – Mae Jemison
Jordan Rakei – Imagine (Moods Remix)
freddiejoachim- Midnight Trains
Groovey Theory- Keep Tryin’
Soft Glas – Post Bloom
Ella Baker Making the Struggle Every Day – YouTube
Sampa The Great – Rhymes To The East
Brownswood – Daymé Arocena – Gods Of Yoruba
Georgia Anne Muldrow- Run Away
Black Moon – How Many Emcee s Instrumental
Ghetto Kids – Coqueta Ft. BrunOG [WW 05]
Ivy Sole – Rooftop (Prod by Ethan Tomás & Ivy Sole)
Blue Lab Beats – Movement
Sunni (Colón) – God Is A Woman
Full Crate & Mar- Aftersexin’
Mos Def feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow- Roses
Tiffany Zuniga – Sun Stars Moon
Rayana Jay – Magic (prod by ROMderful)
GEOTHEORY – kissitbetta
Jayphies-Groove – TLC – Kick Your Game (Jayphies-Riddim)








TIWYKIWY:: 9.19.17 New Moon (Virgo)

As always, I’m a lil late with this mix, but it is inspired by the lessons the new moon Virgo has been illuminating. Honestly there is so much going on in my life, that if you are not intimately connected with the mundane everyday hustle, I couldn’t explain the extremes I’m feeling. But I wanna focus on the good, I’m coming off of a week where two of my favorite humans (best friends is too limited of a vocab) were in the same city as me. It was brief, both bitter and sweet, they give me spaces to be vulnerable and for that I am every grateful. I can’t describe their dopeness, they shine, they are luminescent. The first 10-12 minutes of the mix are inspired by my fam Chaz, being a virgo moon, I know shit is hittin you hard…. never let them make you doubt your worth, you got this ❤


originally posted to ig: This one::: forever::: its a lil blurry but we still beautiful 💜✨


The Read

this is the time of year, where my fall back game is strong, at my essence I’m a hermit and I this moon is reminding me that drawing back is necessary. As we are transitioning into fall, and the light and warmth get less intense, I am focusing on how hold space for others while boundaries for myself, cuz fuck it, I’m worth it. I’m reminded that, loops should be closed and releasing is needed if we are going to conjure a new. Don’t forget to make time to dream and dance…. Libra season is coming, so you know the next mix is for the lovers……

This moon in virgo made mixing difficult, the perfectionist nature came out and I almost scrapped this 2 or 3 times.


Track List::::
Lizzo-Water Me
Blitz The Ambassador – Shine (Prod by IAMNOBODI)
Buddy – World Of Wonders
Krs. // Stop Sign
Boddhi Satva- D – C (Ancestral Soul Mix)
Zikomo – Terrified (Childish Gambino Remix)
xxoy – Num Posso
LEON- Tired of talking (A-Trak & Cory Enemy Remix)
Jengi Beats – Bruh
Noah Slee – Radar
ELHAE – Love A Nia
Krs. x tobi lou // game ova remix
LateNight- Kali Uchis – Tyrant ft Jorja Smith (Edit)
Drey Skonie- Good Ol’ Luv’n ft. David Novello
J Dilla- Dime Piece (feat. Dwele)
Jorja Smith- Blue Lights
Brandy Haze – Day & Night (Prod by Dwoo) (Slowed)
Jarreau Vandal – Until The Dawn
Erykah Badu- Apple Tree (Live)
J Dilla- So Far to Go
MAAD – Wonderland (Feat Jimi Tents)
Valleyz Tessellated & Amindi K Frot ~ Pine & Ginger


Letter from my future self

Here is my latest piece on Rose Water Mag….. writings from the future

Rose Water Magazine

I am a femmeboi of great routine, my daily practices include meditation and breathing, altar building, morning affirmations, an active practice with the moon, and other more personal and intuitive practices. As part of my self-care ritual, I write letters from my future self. These letters are written during points of uncertainty, stress and transition. This practice allows me to be reflective in a way that creates distance from current stresses through the projection of time. As someone whose history of trauma and depression often lead to feelings of suicide or self-harm, this act of writing from the future (the vision of looking back) is what gives me hope and allows me to stay tethered to the present. Even though this is purely a speculative act, it has given me a means to process anxieties and work towards manifesting the future I’ve created.

This is a strategy and tool that are…

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Summer Sol

this is a disclaimer…Folk who kno me, kno I’m always runnin’ late, always a lil behind, get hit with the most brilliant creative energy or idea a few hours before a deadline….I am always a lil out of time.

My intention had been to use the energy of the solstice to infuse my mix with all the feels I have about summer, however, this has been like most weeks, busy. Monday, Rhythm Science held down workshops at the Louisville Urban League, teaching youth to deejay, followed by our regular Monday workshops at our offices in Smoketown. Wednesday, I had the honor of deejaying an event celebrating the 200th episode of some of my favorite media producers. And in all the spaces in between I’ve been raging and grieving, rippin’ & runnin’, steady hustlin’ like we always do. But today, I was able to dedicate the necessary space/time to sit with the sounds, vibes and flows that are indistinguishably linked to summer for me.

Summer in the south gives me so many feels. Its vibrant, youthful and innocent. Its growin gardens, sprinklers & drinkin’ from water hoses. Summer dresses, popsicles & mangonadas.  Fans to keep cool and watchin’ basketball tournaments in the park. Its chillin’ and grillin’, joy and laughter thats a lil too loud. Its the heat that radiates from the street, the oppression that makes it hard to sleep, & feet that stay breakin’ the concrete. Long days and late nights, sometimes in unfamiliar places. LLCEC and lak’ech lessons. Its trauma, holdin’ space & each other. Its the stickiness & sweat reminding you the politics of the twerk are decolonial body work, its humidity contours your spine as you dutty & wine. Its pineapple blunts, the end of house parties, and RiRi’s sex with me…..on repeat

The new moon in Cancer influenced the end of the mix, I’m workin’ on cultivating a healthy I-don’t-give-a-fuck vibe, its a refusal of all the bs I experience on the daily. I no longer have patience or energy for fuckbois, and by this, I don’t mean energy for specific ppl (although sometimes this is true). For me the fuckboi/fuccboii represents all the vileness of our social conditions, the white settler cishet capitalist patriarchy…..toxic masculinity that uses violence, manipulation and coercion to vamp off femme energy……summer got me sayin, ‘the rent is too damn high, and you best pay what you owe”

in reflecting back on my mix, I should have ridden the transition between the spottieottiedopaliscious remix and thunder thighs a bit longer…..

in love & rage,





a few tracks that didn’t make the mix, but def have that summertime vibe:


New Moon::: Who Dis::: Sonic Communique


As part of my new moon ritual I put together this mix. The elements I build off of for this sonic curation focus on the very raw and real emotions that Venus squarin’ w/ Pluto on 5.25.17 brought up for me, & how these energies interacted with the new moon in Gemini.

This week has given me the space to think about how I deal with pain & emotions, and how to channel them into productivity and creative expressions instead of allowin’ them to stifle my ability to communicate. As a Libra/Leo Rising this week has asked me to reflect on my relationships & partnership, understanding the limits, boundaries and contexts for each of these partnerships and is pushing me to have the courage & commitment to ask for what I need. Because of some transitions coming into my life in the near future, I am focusin’ on building up the emotional/mental & physical stamina I’m going to need in order to achieve some of the goals I’m setting up for myself for the next 6 months of so.

This mix mostly of R & B, Neo/Soul, jazzy beats & Hip Hop runs through three major themes, new moon feels, sticky sweet summer vibes and for you. Mixes I produce for online release, serve as a very specific type of sonic intimacy for me, they are me as a selector/mixer/curator speaking directly to the listener, and depending on our relationship either personal or our common relationship with the music are existing in spaces unseen and unmapped, if only in the shared imaginary. I  wonder when ppl engage with my mixes what they are thinking about, doing, going thru….. I hope for the most part, it involves creative process, a blunt, dancing and fucking tbh…..

Reflecting on the production of this mix, has also forced me to focus on really listenin’, as a deejay, this might seem second nature, but honestly my gig schedule/work schedule/ and the labor I put into so many projects for community, has greatly decreased my capacity in the last few months to search out & listen to music until the rhythm becomes imprinted in my brain and transitions become second nature. So some of the spaces where songs are woven together are a lil less tight than I want, but I was committed to sharing a mix this week. Thank you for taking the time to listen…..



Do Not Text your Ex! A Venus Retrograde Playlist

Some of my newest cultural production work, featured on Rose Water mag….excited to be collabing ❤ ❤ ❤

Rose Water Magazine

Venus Retrograde is an astronomical/astrological occurrence that happens every 18 months and lasts for 40 days, this retrograde started on March 4th and will end April 15th. During these forty days, Venus looks to be travelin’ in reverse, and her energies effect us differently….For this mix, I thought about the relationship between sonic loops & the loop Venus creates during this 18 month cycle. I titled the mix Do Not Text Your Ex, to signify the way patterns often present themselves through Venus. Retrograde is a time where many of our past lessons about the relationships we have and keep resurface. They come back to ask us to do the deep work of examining how we view our own worth and self love as it relates to how we let others treat us. Do Not Text Your Ex is not just about past lovers or the amorous relationships we keep…

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2016….ten albums you might wanna check out


I wanna give y’all my picks for 10 albums you might not have heard this years, but should definitely check out… while I appreciate and fux wit a lot of the mainstream/hella commercial albums that came out this year; A Tribe Called Quest’s We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service, Kendrick’s untitled unmastered, Solanges’ Seat a the Table (I know I’m not the only one that had Cranes in the Sky on repeat for a week…mostly this version , RiRi’s Anti, Bey’s Lemonade, Chance’s Coloring Books, BJ the Chicago Kid In my Mind, Anderson .Paak’s Malibu and all the other sonic dopeness that came out…….This is not a post about those albums……..truss they should/will be written about by countless media platforms….but I wanted to focus on something a lil different.

Albums that deserve mention but didn’t make the list….Moor Mother Fetish Bones, Jamila Woods Heavn, Mykki Blanco Mykki, Run the Jewels 3, Dope Saint Jude Reimagine Ep, Asaiah Ziv Free your Soul side A, & Mr. Carmack Rekindling Here are ten albums that have left a distinct impression on me.

10) Bocafloja- Cumbé

When you follow a cultural producer, its exciting to see the ways their werk evolves and continues to grow. Cumbé is the first full album released by Boca in almost 4 years, while 2012’s Patologías del Invisible Incómodo dealt with lyrically diagnosing the pathology of white supremacy, colonialism & capitalism….Cumbé is about healin’. Its the voicing of Black and Brown dignity through survival, reclamation, and dance. Tracks that definitively stand out for me are Espiral ft. Gabriel Duran of Awkward Theory and Sankofa ft. Sekou…..below is the first video from the project  

9) Cakes da Killa- Hedonism

Cakes is one of my favorite emcees, his delivery is biting & he does not play. As a qpoc deejay who throws hella house parties, his music naturally fits with most of the dance genres that I play, and reminds us just how deep the connections between Hip Hop and dance go. Hedonism is fierce, funny and flows hard, because it has to. To quote queer elder, an emcee extraordinaire Audre Lorde, “it is better to speak/remembering/we were never meant to survive”….Cakes knows this, and practices self emancipation at every step by refusin’ to allow the yt cishet world to fuck with his flow, his ability to disrupt hegemony through his existence is freein’ for us all… With tracks like, Up out My Face (ft. Peaches) , Talkin Greezy, and New Phone (Who Dis).… Cakes gives us anthems for all the everyday shit we deal with, with just a touch of pettiness that we all need to maintain our sanity. His video release for New Phone (Who Dis)…..gave so much memeable material for anyone whose ever been heartbroken, and feelin ruthless.


8) Noname- Telefone

Noname’s first album Telefone, in someways follows the sonics and vibes of her Chicago contemporaries BJ the Chicago Kid and Chance the Rapper, but with a femme centered aesthetic that brings an undeniable richness to the project. Her ability to switch up her cadence between neo-soul, juke, and spoken word flows, makes me fall in love a lil bit. She spits lyrical complexity in honest and at times heartbreakin’ ways, peep Casket Pretty if you don’t believe me. Tracks that I’ve been vibin’ heavy with are Diddy Bop, Freedom Interlude, Forever and Reality Check. The first verse on Forever opens with signifying sonic elders and seamlessly flows into talk of Andre as imaginary lover and then to the social conditions of poverty….. “Miss Nina Simone, Jimmy Jones/Missy Elliot musically were my relatives/Never forget my Andre/Papi mi casa es su casa/Baby I made an entrée/Maybe I make your moms plate/Maybe we not gon’ sleep tonight/In the night you and I laugh about how you Gemini/Already fry the chicken/But leftovers was my inner thigh/Nah I’m lying, I’m just playing/You can read this book with me/I’m trying to re-imagine abracadabra for poverty”

7) Kembá (FKA YC the Cynic)- Negus

Kembá FKA YC the Cynic, is a powerful lyricist from NY…..In Caesar’s Rise he opens with, “Please don’t call me conscious/Don’t call it political/Please don’t deem this lyrical/These are negro spirituals” highlighting that Hip Hop is at root a Black Atlantic sound, which cannot be contained by narrow boxes, backpacking, and respectability politics that the label “conscious” often conveys, and the audio sample of Nina Simone creates the affect of sonic sankofa, honoring what came before and holding up her desire to help young folk value their Blackness, which Kembá clearly does.  On this album he does what he does best….spits fire and truth with precision…. he engages listeners with a braggadocious candor that gives you glimpse of into the vulnerability of a young Black man coming up in the Bronx….Tracks that stand out, Hallelujah (prod. DJ Illanoiz), The New Black Theory, Caesar’s Rise and Greed….

6) Kaytranada- 99.9%

Kaytranada’s production on 99.9% is so damn smooth, and flows between genres seamlessly….he is comfortable switchin it up between house/disco, r&b, Hip Hop, ambient vibes, and transgress across and in-between what we define as each of those genres. He is a sonic force, whose been producing & co/trancreatin with artists/vocalists/lyricists for a minute, so it was exciting to see who he brought in to work on a project of his own creation and direction. 99.9% will make you want to move, dance is inevitable. The features on this album are life givin’…. Vic Mensa, Anderson .Paak, GoldLink, Little Dragon, Craig David, and SYD to name a few… Tracks that you should peep, Glowed up, Leave me Alone, Got It Good and Together.

5) Saul Williams- MartyrLoserKing

I’ve seen a lot of reviews refer to Williams’ as an alternative Hip Hop/spoken word artist, that definition feels too narrow and limiting for his body of werk. Williams’ werk as a cultural producer is a complex web of interconnected projects that all seem to be moving towards the goal of liberation….his use of multimedia to communicate archives of knowledge is on full display in MartyrLoserKing. Williams in a interview with Democracy Now discussed the concept behind the the werk as a processes of defining and transgressing, the narrative is rooted in Burundi and centers on a hacker named MartyrLoserKing,  the work is a thinly veiled fiction which he hopes provides energy and counter narrative for those involved  in movement. The opening track Groundwork, offers sonic testimony to remind/inform listener/audience that Indigenous cosmologies begin with the ground, rootwerk is necessary to heal and subvert. Williams’ album continues to provide deep commentary on the current social condition we find ourselves in, and how our positions within these spaces of hegemony/counter hegemony, center/margins, domination/subordination play out in a global system of power where ytness, colonailism, and Amerikkkan neoliberal imperialism maintain violence bodies in space. I can’t really suggest tracks off this album, it at least deserves one listen, uninterrupted from first to last track.

4) Little Simz – Stillness in Wonderland

Little Simz’s Stillness in Wonderland is a project that highlights how a young artist matures and continues to develop a sound that is distinctly her own while navigating the entertainment industry at a high level. This album features the production of Rascal, SHE, Wondagurl & Astronote…and Simz spits flow that adapts to each of their styles… she collabs/features other vocalists and emcees on Stillness in Wonderland that compliment her delivery and push her in new directions….the features of Chronixx, Tilla, Syd, and SiR are fire…..This year Simz has been growing her body of werk to include film and print media in the form of comic/graphic novel.  Tracks that are definitely worth listenin to Shotgun ft. Syd, Poison Ivy ft. Tilla , Low Tides,  and One in Rotation ft Sir.


3) Princess Nokia- 1992

Princess Nokia’s 1992 is the merging of Indigenous, Black, Femme cosmologies which transgress hegemonic notions of what Hip Hop was, is and could be. her body of werk in 2016 has been extensive, she has released 3 videos from the album of which she has been creative director, produced a mini documentary with Fader, maintained an extensive tour schedule and been werking on Smart Brown Girl Club, an urban feminist collective which run media, werkshops, art, and community outreach events. Her flow as an emcee is raw and organic….she delivers lines with aggression, humor, confidence, and the knowledge that power exists in our individual stories. On this album she claims this year as her own, and highlight how her Afro-Indigenous spirituality is a grounding, and central energy in her life and progression as an artist and cultural producer. In Brujas, her second verse lays out the ancestral wisdom and the diasproix sacred, which flows thru her….I’m that Black a-Rican bruja straight out from the Yoruba/And my people come from Africa diaspora, Cuba/And you mix that Arawak, that original people/I’m that Black Native American, I vanquish all evil/I’m that Black a-Rican bruja straight out from the Yoruba/And my ancestors Nigerian, my grandmas was brujas/And I come from an island and it’s called Puerto Rico/And it’s one of the smallest but it got the most people. Tracks that need to be listened to on repeat, Brujas, Tomboy, Kitana, Green Line, and Mine…..actually, just the whole nine track project.

2) Oddisee – The Odd Tape

Oddisee’s skills in lyricism are matched by what he brings as a producer, while The Odd Tape is instrumental production, I don’t say that to diminish the complexity and drive of the tracks….he conveys affect, mood and story in the absence of words. This album has been a constant space that I’ve come back to since its release in May, when I need to focus and get my life rite, whether when I’m writing, werking out, processin emotional shit… know, whatever, this album holds space for all of that. It was recently part of my soundtrack while travelin’, his werk is the perfect companion for inner city travelin’, on the buses and subways that characterized my movements, it created soundscapes to fit the vibe and mood of movin around a city that wasn’t mine. I love the soulful and jazzy elements that come thru on the tracks….I don’t have much else to say except he is one of my favorite lyricists and producers, and I am patiently awaitin the release of 2017’s The Iceberg. Favorite tracks: Alarmed, Born Before Yesterday, On the Table and No Sugar No Cream.

1) A Tribe Called Red- we are the halluci nation

If there was one album I could urge people to listen to from 2016, it would be A Tribe Called Red’s we are the halluci nation. ATCR are using deejaying, electronic music production and new sonic technologies to deploy Indigenous cultural healing & resistance. This project seeks to expands the Indigenous notion of nationhood as a way to address the completely flawed structure and systemic violence of coloniality. This album is layered with complex sounds, We are the halluci nation, speaks Indigenous…It is the rhythms of the ceremony and dance… the verbal transmission in the form of samples, emcees, throat signing, song and speech, werk to communicate ancestral knowledge, narratives of survival and resistance to yt supremacy, land degradation and violence, and a proposed futurism of how to create a shift in collective consciousness. It features collaborations with Northern Voices, Saul Williams, Tanya Tagaq, Chippewa Travellers, Yasiin Bey, Lido Pimienta, John Trudell and others who speak to this expanding sense of nation and belonging which are intrinsically  tied to connection to the earth and a reclamation of self. Much like Saul Williams’ MartyrLoserKing, We are the halluci nation deserves to be given a listen in its entirety, but then come back and listen to the tracks, The Virus, Sila, JHD, How I feel, and For you- The Light, pt 2